Mobile fishing game lets you win real fish supper

Mobile fishing game lets you win real fish supper

Okay, so we may have loved Nokia's N-Gage fish-'em-up, but it's lacking one crucial feature: nobody shows up at your door to deliver real versions of the fish you catch.

For shame, Nokia. How could you miss this out? For such a groundbreaking feature, then, we'll have to turn to Japanese firm FIT and its new mobile game Ippon Zuri, which we read about on the .

It's a nice-looking mobile fishing game where you have to hook sea bream, crab and other seasonal fish, before spinning some slot machine reels to see if you catch them.

If you do, the game sends a message to a local seafood wholesaler, who delivers a raw, real-world version to your doorstep. We assume you have to pay for it, mind.

Alas, you have to live in Fukuoka and be on NTT DoCoMo to play the game. Perhaps someone could do a similar thing with kebabs here in the UK?

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