Dungeon Hunter Champions reveals three key characters ahead of its official launch next month

Dungeon Hunter Champions reveals three key characters ahead of its official launch next month

The latest game in the Dungeon Hunter series is almost here. In fact, Gameloft'll be bringing it to and on May 3rd, so there's really not long to wait at all.

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Dungeon Hunter Champions has been in soft launch for a little while now, but soon you'll be setting your lovingly built team on other players. This action RPG has you collecting Champions - with over 250 available - and battling folks from around the world in intense 5v5 battles.

To celebrate the occasion, Gameloft launched a neat development diary where it explores the combat, gameplay, and strategy of the game. Plus, we got a little more information on three key characters - Rogrim, Vael'or, and Celestine.

  • ROGRIM – The Bounty Hunter

    • Of all the warriors that have arisen in fabled Valora, the man known as the Bounty Hunter is perhaps the greatest. His prowess with the sword is fearsome, but what truly sets him apart from others is his formidable strength and constitution. He can endure grueling punishment and great fatigue, the battle weariness that would overcome any lesser warrior, and keep pushing towards victory. He is notoriously relentless.

  • VAEL’OR – The Archangel

    • The Archangel is a champion of the Glow. He is, without doubt, one of the most powerful entities at large in the multiverse. His immense cosmic power comes from the Glow itself, and he fights for the forces of Light, combating the agents of the Void wherever he encounters them. The powers of his holy light can heal and cure and transform, but most especially they can be wielded to smite the forces of darkness.

  • CELESTINE – The Boon Sister

    • The Boon Sister is one of the noble Boon Sisters of Valora, an ancient order that considers all life sacred. To them, life is a divine blessing. Peace and stability are the cornerstones of existence. They heal the injured and cure the sick without judgment. Good or evil, life is still life.

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